The primary purpose of this website is to give teenagers suffering from anxiety or depression, a safe and anonymous place to vent their feelings. It is also available to anyone who is feeling depressed and wants to express the pain they are feeling, using their devices from wherever they are.

The app is available 24 hours a day for multiple recordings both online and offline.

DOWNLOADING IS SAFE, SECURE AND ANONYMOUS. You will never be asked for your personal details.

Only you can record a session and/or listen to your recorded session(s) again within the 24 hour period. NO ONE ELSE HAS ACCESS TO YOUR RECORDING!

  • Multiple recordings available
  • Accesses both online and offline
  • All recordings will be deleted daily at midnight

Suffering in silence from anxiety and depression does not have to be there all the time. Our teenagers will have the option to express themselves using their devices without having to be afraid of any consequences from family, school, society, or peer pressure.

express yourself

This website, hopefully, will make you feel better, giving you a feeling of relief by expressing the negative feelings in a safe and anonymous place.

*There is always an answer to any problems, answers can be found by talking, letting it out and communicating when possible.

*This website has been designed to give you the opportunity to express yourself. The website does not intend to be a substitute for medical advice, professional diagnosis or treatment. You should seek the opinion of a qualified healthcare professional. We hope that our website will make you feel better but you should never disregard or delay seeing a professional healthcare provider. We will not be responsible for anyone who treats this website other than for what it is intended, to express your feelings.

We have a section of this website for parents or family members who may be concerned about their teen or loved one so that they can look at the warning signs of trouble. We hope this will help to save anyone who is in a critical stage of needing help. Learn more here!

Visit any of the sites below if you need professional help...

If you would like to make a donation in the name of Yannis Barounis or one of your loved ones, please click on the logo of the organisation you would like to donate to and follow their Donation page details.
This website has been designed to help teens deal with the ups and downs of adolescence by providing a place to anonymously vent feelings with no consequences. Let It Out Now will not be responsible for any misuse of this website.

This website is NOT designed to take the place of professional help. If you do not feel better after using this website, please seek help from one of the sources above.